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February 17, 2009

Oh me throat

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Oh me throat

Date: 15 January 2009

You can literally lose your voice, and much more, if throat cancer strikes.

Cancer of the throat is also known as laryngeal cancer. The larynx consists of three

main areas – supraglottis, glottis and sub glottis.

However, the English word “throat” has a larger area than the larynx, and includes

the pharynx.

The laryngeal covering consists of squamous cells. Thus, squamous cell carcinomas

are commonly seen in malignancies of the larynx.

According to consultant otolaryngology specialist and surgeon Dr Kuljit Singh, the

earliest symptoms of laryngeal cancer would be hoarseness of the voice, which may

persist for more than two weeks. Most infective causes of hoarseness will have

similar symptoms but should subside within 14 days.

Many patients will also complain of a sore throat or feeling that something is stuck

in the throat and these symptoms should be investigated if they do not get better

after conservative medication. This symptom is usually associated with a dry

irritating cough.

Symptoms which are considered bad would be when the patient develops breathing

problems, bad breath, weight loss, ear ache, spitting out blood and a lump within

the neck. … more



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