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Consultant ENT Surgeon,ENT Physicians,DR KULJIT SINGH
Consultant ENT Surgeon
Consultant ENT Surgeon,ENT Physicians,DR KULJIT SINGH

Datuk Dr. Kuljit Singh earned his Master’s in Otorhinolarygology from University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur in 2002. Before this, he served at Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Hospital Kangar before receiving his this position as Lecturer & ENT Specialist at University Malaya Medical Centre in 2003 and then Senior Lecturer in 2006. He left for HSC Medical Centre and Prince Court Medical Centre in 2007.

Clinically, his interest in General ENT practice with a keen interest in Rhinology, allergy, vertigo management and Hearing Rehabilitation. He performed the first Bone Anchored Hearing Aid in UMMC in 2005 and introduced MED-EL cochlear implants in the same centre in 2004. He re-developed the cochlear implant unit. Datuk Dr Kuljit is instrumental in setting up the allergy Centre at University Malaya Medical Centre, which began in 2006. He has enormous experience in general ENT management of diseases and emergencies. He has many research programmes that he co-ordinated in the subject of allergy and vertigo.

The latest specialty to his cap is Balloon sinuplasty, which is a new and innovative method of treating sinusitis, and received hands on trai9ng in Menlo Park, San Francisco, and USA.

Internationally, Datuk Dr Kuljit has worked as an attachment specialist in France, USA and Singapore. He has links and working relationships in Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore and Cap Cod, Massachusetts.

In terms of networking and foreign collaboration; he has conducted meetings and presented in all the ASEAN countries and has a great networking with all the leading ENT doctors within the region. Besides the ASEAN region, he has traveled widely to the Europe, USA, South America, Caribbean, Australia, Eastern Europe, Russia, Japan and Korea presenting papers and participating in congress and has built a good networking friends and experts in ENT.

Datuk Dr Kuljit has a maintained a good interpersonal skill and has been in the Malaysian Medical Association executive committee since 2003 and served in many committees within the association. Datuk Dr Kuljit was elected as the State Chairman of the Wilayah MMA branch in 2005 till 2007 and Deputy Hon. General Secretary of Malaysian Medical Association since 2005.

He was the Hon Secretary of the Malaysian Society of Otorhinolaryngology & Head Neck Surgery since 2004 and now President  2008-2009. He is a member of Malaysian Society of Allergy & Immunology since 2002, where he has served as Elected Executive Committee Member since 2003.

An experienced speaker, Datuk Dr. Kuljit has presented many medical talks at both local and international level.

There are about 50 over symposia’s, local conferences, workshops including international and meetings that has been chaired and organized by Datuk Dr Kuljit. He initiated the first ENT teaching symposia and Balance disorder Workshop for general practioners.

He has written enormously in the BERITA MMA a mainstream news bulletin for the association doctors and had many write-ups on medical issues in all the printed dailies in the past 2 years. Besides that; Datuk Dr Kuljit is an experience speaker on the radio and television and has 15 plus press write-ups and statements in the local dailies.